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Masuri Helmet StemGuard

Masuri Helmet StemGuard


The StemGuard is a clip-on attachment which provides additional protection for a batsmen's vulnerable neck.

The StemGuard attaches to existing Masuri Vision Series helmets with moulded clips. The attachment has been designed to give batsman free movement, while offering protection to the vulnerable region at the back of the head and neck.

Masuri extensively studied all information available in order to develop StemGuard. We have worked with a number of cricket’s national governing bodies during the development to take StemGuard from concept to a production capable prototype within three months.

This new innovation by Masuri combines an impact modified TPU honeycomb with military grade crush foam in order to maximise impact absorption, giving players much more confidence when batting.

The StemGuard fits onto all Masuri Vision Series helmets. It comes with three sizes of interchangeable centre strap, so that the size of the guard can be adjusted accordingly to ensure a comfortable fit.

Watch the video below to see the StemGuard discussed on channel 9 after being warn by Kumar Sangakkara. 

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