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Masuri OS Test Helmet

Masuri OS Test Helmet


As part of the Vision Series range, the Elite offers a high-level of protection and comfort whilst providing the player with an increased field of vision.

Eye-line Grille

Masuri’s Eye-Line Grille includes an additional bar which is placed on the eye-line of the player. This extra bar acts as an additional safety measure by forcing the ball upwards towards the helmet’s peak, away from the player’s face.

Halo Reinforcement System

As with all of our Vision Series helmets, the Elite benefits from Masuri’s Halo-Reinforcement System (HRS) which minimises movement between the peak and the grille. The interaction between these two elements is key in preventing facial injuries.

Titanium Grille

Our Titanium grille offers a significant weight saving, whilst maintaining it's superb levels of safety.

Air-flow Cooling System

Masuri’s innovative Air-Flow cooling system incorporates strategically placed vents within both the inner and outer shell of the helmet. This allows air to circulate freely within the helmet, keeping players cool while they play.

Twin Shell Protection System

Our Vision Series helmets benefit from a ‘Twin Shell’ which adds extra protection and sigfnificantly reduces the chance of concussion related injuries.


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